Today’s Blue Plate Poetry Special

Today’s Blue Plate Poetry Special!

Ingredients: Comment under this post with a phrase you want in a poem, and I will write the poem for you and post it in your comment.

Price: Absolutely free of charge

Nutritional Value: Nil

Emotional/Intellectual Value: Priceless

Get your order in before we run out!

Poem in a Minute

One of my occasional gigs is taking my Montgomery Ward typewriter to a festival or conference and setting up to write poems in a minute. You give me three words, and I will make a poem for you with them in it.  Today, I am snowed in and could use some practice. If you put your name (or a fake name) in the comments box along with three words, I will write you a custom poem and post it on this page. You can see samples of the poems I’ve written in the past. It’s what I do. Continue reading “Poem in a Minute”