Poet Products

I know this picture has little to do with the post. I just liked its sunshiny message on our first day in OK with snow.

Another museum display we will have besides Marginalia and Doors is one devoted to Poet Products. In fact, we will have a little store stuffed with their items. I’m thinking Emily’s Earplugs because a soul must have them to “select her own society” and for “staying at home” on Sabbath days. Continue reading “Poet Products”


A Lovely Thing

“Look for a lovely thing and you will find it,” Sara Teasdale said. Indeed. What you see is often not in what is actually there but in . . . what you see.

People are often aggravated by poetry because they “can’t see” what’s in it or they have been taught that they have to look for something in it. But really . . . “look for a lovely thing and you will find it.”

People who see evil in everything are no different from the people who see good in everything. Both can’t see the truth because they are too busy looking for it (or its opposite).

They both have sight corrupted by foresight. Instead, if we relied on insight more often, we would see more lovely things.