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A Garish Setting Forth

bestballoonparadeOne of the definitions for “parade” comes from the Italian “parate,” meaning a” garish setting forth.” When I decided we would have a poetry parade at our first ROMP Poetry Festival, I had no idea what that would look like. I just knew that a parade would be a great way to honor April being National Poetry Month. With the help of all the willing and able poetic participants, we made a great and garish setting forth across the meadow that was the highlight of the Festival. Continue reading “A Garish Setting Forth”

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Spring is Singing and More

Noah waving his spring flower poem from the treehouse
Noah waving his spring flower poem from the treehouse

One of the best things about living in Oklahoma is that we experience all four seasons. It was wonderful to celebrate spring in poetry, song, fellowship, and folks this weekend at our Spring is Singing event. Our calendar for the year includes events that celebrate each of the seasons. The museum exists to honor nature (rural) and poetry. Continue reading “Spring is Singing and More”


Odd-Job Woman at Odds

Shaun telling a story at the Chickasaw Cultural Center

It is time to make a living via poetry. Well . . . sort of.

I have two weeks left at my full-time job at the rock quarry before I get laid off. I teach part-time for meager wages at two colleges, and it’s not enough to live on. I am excited about not driving to Tulsa 3 days a week, but I am a bit scared about the prospect of supporting myself. I will have more time for museum enterprises, which have never cost much money anyway. The building was donated by my parents, the materials that went into creating the exhibits and displays were found materials or donated or bought on the cheap at yard sales. All the labor that has gone into the museum has been the loving work of  friends and family. Continue reading “Odd-Job Woman at Odds”

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Arts in the Community

Old photo of Locust Grove
Old photo of Locust Grove

Many of you know that I grew up in the small town I now live in. I graduated from high school in Locust Grove in 1980 and went to various places, none far away. In 2005, I moved back here and began teaching at Pryor Junior High. My mother was a teacher at Locust Grove High School for thirty years, and her family and my dad’s family have lived in Locust Grove and Rose for more than 100 years. This community is important to us. Continue reading “Arts in the Community”

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rubysThe year 2013 ended auspiciously for your humble curator. On Dec. 24, I  learned I won a grant for the museum from the Popular Culture Association. Two days later, I was run over by a semi-truck and lost my lovely Black Panther (Ford Ranger) and am still without a vehicle, but I survived.

What will 2014 hold for the museum? The biggest news is that I am expanding. Continue reading “ROMP Shop”


Flooded Town

DSC02937Yonkers, Oklahoma, was abandoned and flooded
To create Lake Fort Gibson in 1933.

Eighty years later, in the scrub oaks of
Northern Wagoner County, it remains in
Foundation puzzles and a one-room skeleton
Of the school where Cherokees and whites
Learned together until water was needed more. Continue reading “Flooded Town”