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One Don’t go out Looking For a specific man. Two A leaf will hang On a tree All winter. Three Or woman.

No Design

I am not of your world. I am in it. There is no design You can make That will ever Compete With this. I am Your muse.

Impossible Girls

Hearts, X’s and O’s, violins wearing flames Or wings—you pick. Impossible flowers Made of hearts and words. The best kind Of flower is impossible. The best life Is the impossible one. Listen girls: Do it.


It’s official. The check came in the mail yesterday. The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry won the Douglas A. Noverr Grant for Collection enhancement for Institutions to Build Popular Culture and American Culture Research Collections. I learned I had won the grant back in…

In the Lake

The catfish are the Bozos of the bottom, Blundering from ledges, bumping into me, Their whiskers slashing my skirt into circus pennants. Their heads are rocks split across the middle, Mouths opening slowly as if levered. They are ugly and regal and harmless, Even…

Butch’s Painting

I have not written a Craig’s List poem in a while, a poem wherein I take a strange, sad, semi-literate, or otherwise entertaining ad from that fine website and write a poem to accompany, or perhaps, explain it in some way. I just found…