Blowing up the Microwave

She didn’t want the damn thing. She TOLD Jack
and Leigh, I got no use for that damn thing.
They set it up on the table she kept
potted plants and grocery sacks on, and she
ignored it for two weeks before warming
up some dinner rolls. She pushed start; her heart
fluttered at the sound of the glass cracking.
It’s that twisty-tie, Jack said on the phone.
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Poetry in Your Hair: Here There Everywhere

Yesterday, I heard two NPR reviews and read a Tulsa World review of The Lorax. It’s not looking good. From what I gather from all three reviews, the filmmaker over-complicated the story and gave it an overall depressing and downright grouchy atmosphere. Ah,Hollywood. It can’t ever get Dr. Seuss right. Continue reading “Poetry in Your Hair: Here There Everywhere”



She used to hate laundry days, the acrid
smell of boiled water poured in rough tin pans,
the cheap soap peeling away her red skin,
and the clothes less than spic and half of span.

The washing machine, a wedding present
From a rich aunt, transformed the shade of brown
In the diapers and left them a clean scent
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